Seen a change

by High Pony


releases January 1, 2018

Pete Stanton- Drums
Ben Johnson- Bass, Vox moo
Seth Goldman- Guitar, Vox
Jason Fox- Guitar
Benjamin Hecht- Rhodes/Organ/Piano

Produced and recorded by Brad Fisher at Sine Studios, Philadelphia, PA

Additional Recording by Matt Teacher and Mike Lawson at Sine Studios

Mixed by Adam Reich at Second Base, Sunset Park, NYC

Mastered by Michael Tucci

Photography by Courtney Allen

Design by Mike Quigley



High Pony Brooklyn, New York

High Pony
Five meandering souls stumbled into an ocean of sound. The waves: Loud, screechy, girthy. Outlook: Unhinged, squirrely, lost, yet unafraid. Style: Alternative? Eh. Poppy? Hmn. Both? Maybe. Two voices, two guitars, 88 keys, one drum kit, broken cymbals included. The takeoff was smooth. Start looking up. ... more

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